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 I’m fascinated by creating visual and sound which are reflecting (hidden) emotion, perception, and (unvoiced) statement. It’s a memory which is fragmented consequence of the fact and imagination in reality and mind. When inspiration came to our mind, where are they coming from? Connecting to unknown but divine? When a tear is coming from eyes because to remember we’re as salty as sea which is vast and source of our life?    

 I always wonder what we are, searching for humanity and existing, I found the time is very fascinating subject because It can be changed by our perception. Movement creates space and time, smallest particles of our body is constantly vibrating to sustain our life and energy. Are we a creature of visualized sound? I love Art, Science and Mystery which seems to give me the answers to my endless curiosity. 

     My work is a successive moment of poetic movement using symbols and animation, I invite you to the world of light and darkness at the crossroad of real and surreal dream.





Born in Japan, Multimedia artist Live/Work in Kyoto, Japan. Her love of art and music started in her early age when she started taking lessons of ballet. Her curiosity and searching of her identity as an artist led to move to New York right after 9/11 and  stayed at renowned Chelsea Hotel. She was dancing or taking photography more than talking as tools to express. She has been collaborating with artists, musicians and designers beyond category, Man Parish, Michael A. Levine, Pete Drungle, OVO Ceramics, Theatre Japan Productions and ma non troppo to name a few.

Her study focuses on time-based art as multimedia art. 




Noriko Nakano





Selected Show​



   2018.3   EXPERIMENTAL INTERMEDIA, Composition14, 224 Centre Street, NY

   2017.5    Sound Traffic Series, Live visual for Akio Mokuno & Hitomi Honda, Spectrum, NY

   2016.10  Aspects of Composers, Vol.1, Park Avenue Christian Church, NY





   2016. 1   Green, Vice Versa Arts & Theatre, Egypt

   2015. 10 Monologue play by Alan Bennett, Theatre Japan Productions, Japan 



 -Solo Exhibition

   2012.7  Symbolism, KUROKUMA, NY


 -Group Exhibition

   2018.9   Size Matters, 100 Bogart Street Gallery, NY

   2018.4   Pop Goes the Weasel, The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, NY

   2017.3   Building Bridges, NOT Walls, The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, NY

   2016.1   Thru the Rabbit Hole, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

   2015.5   Creative Mischief, National Academy Museum of Fine Arts, NY

   2015.4   Making History Exhibition, Storefront Ten Eyck Gallery, NY

   2015.4   The Passion, The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory, NY

   2014.12 December showcase, Palisade906, NY

   2014.5   Creative Mischief, National Academy Museum, NY

   2014.1   Notan/Graphic work from East to West, Palisade906, NY

   2013.9   Galerie Project, Light Space, NY

   2013.5   Creative Mischief, National Academy Museum, NY

   2013.2   Asian Influences and Dreams, Sonia Gechtoff Gallery, NY

   2013.1   Group Exhibition by 3 artists, Gari, NY

   2013.1   Printed Echoes, Sonia Gechtoff Gallery, NY

   2012.9   Sounds and Reverberations, Sonia Gechtoff Gallery, NY

   2012.8   Practices in Printmaking, Sonia Gechtoff Gallery, NY

   2012.5   Small art work Exhibition, Shousinkan Gallery, Japan

   2012.3   Japan Disaster Fundraising Event, Vol.4, Studio BPM, NY