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What is Symbolism Project?

Symbolism project is a process of initiation which try to evoke you what human being before language is, by imagining of an ancient communication system which is Symbols, that is to say the prototype of letters.

 Symbol is a sign or a mark that convey the concept and the meaning which viewer feel and understand by the shape of itself. Symbols are used in various ways nowadays, so I consider that our foundation of a way of communication has been same as formally.

This Symbolism Project is consisted by 6 stages and on going project.



 1. Revelation ( print works )

        21+5+6=33 print works


 2. A door to the subconscious ( animation )

        Symbolism Animation ( L+R )


 3. A journey in the Brain ( Installation + animation )

        Symbolism Animation 2


 4. Existence of Spirits ( installation )


 5. en ( video installation )


 6. Hue-Man ( video art )